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I will guide you across miles of open water, taking you on adventurous Downwind trips to iconic places like White Dune or the Oyster Farm. Downwinders are for intermediate level, whereas Kite Safaris are for all levels.
Hop on the 4x4 and let me take you through the desert to secret empty spots, where you will find shallow water and consistent wind conditions like Dream spot. There are many more places to discover like Speed Spot, Ocean Spot and other secret spots.

For Downwind trips and Kite Safaris you can bring your own kite equipment or rent it from us. Insurance on the equipment is optional.

White Dune SPOT


The famous White Dune is a "Must Do" in Dakhla for every kite surfer. Have you ever seen a sand dune completely surrounded by water? This is the one! You can choose a Kite Safari on which we will go by the 4x4 to the spot and keep all our energy to kite around the dune. Are you brave enough to jump from the top? Let me show you and join me!
Alternatively, you can choose a Downwind Trip: after 1,5 hours crossing the whole lagoon (with dolphins swimming around) we will reach the dune and you can climb up to enjoy the fantastic view over the colourful lagoon water.

After the kite session the car is waiting for us with Sandwiches, fresh juice and other drinks.​ We will take the way back through the desert.

Price: 120€ for the trip  (min. two people sharing the price )

Oyster Farm


Our kite trip will start from the top of the lagoon. After a short briefing about the kite route and some safety instructions we will make two stops and pass Dragon Island. In total it will take one hour. Optional we can have lunch at a fantastic seafood restaurant right in front of the oyster farm and you can try fresh oysters.

​Afterwards we will get picked up from there and dropped off at any destination you wish.

Price: 120€ for the trip  (min. two people sharing the price )

Dream Spot


For this special kite destination I will take you with the 4x4 on a 45 min desert trip to the other side of the lagoon. Dream Spot has consistent wind conditions, shallow water and is defined by its emptiness. 
You will find yourself in the middle of natural beauty with nobody around. At high tide you will see the sea weed moving under the water surface as if you would be flying over it.

We can decide to spend the night at a Saharan tent over night with camp fire and Moroccan tajine. Dream Spot is a perfect place to watch pink flamingos and other birds.


Price: 120€ for the trip  (min. two people sharing the price )
Sleep over with camp fire incl. dinner & breakfast: 70€ per person

ocean spot
Speed Spot


This famous kite spot is perfect for beginners because of its large shallow area. At any time you have the direct view on the iconic Dragon Island. At this endlessly spacious spot you can practice all maneuvers. 


On the way to speed spot we will most likely stop for some memoriable camel pictures.

Price: 100€ for the trip  (min. two people sharing the price )


Ocean Spot


The beauty of Dakhla Peninsula unfolds not just on the lagoon side but as well on the ocean side. 

With enough space on the beach for preparing our strapless kite session you will have the waves just for yourself to practice.

On this side of the peninsula we will have the direct view on the sunset.

Price: 120€ for the trip  (min. two people sharing the price )


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